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TOUR MACHU PICCHU BY CAR is ideal for people with a lot of passion for adventure with newly recharged energy; what defines this tour is a car, a winding road and an amazing hiking. We will pass through the Peruvian highlands and subtropical rain forest, until we arrive to Hydro Electric power station; hike to the magical Aguas Calientes town and visit the historical sanctuary of Machupicchu in the following day.

During this car adventure journey you will get to know the natural Inca wonders on top of the Andean mountains, feeling different micro climates, from Andean subtropical jungle humidity to Andean Mountains snow- covered valleys and chilly rains.

This program is not a simple alternative option to the expensive perurail train service, it is the most adventurer and economical way option that takes you to Machupicchu where we follow a route that is well-known for few and really unknown for most of the visitors.

TOUR MACHUPICCHU BY CAR is recommended for people of all ages that have a big sense of flexibility, passion, adventure, curiosity, and energy!!!


  • 02 days and 01 night Machu Picchu tour by car or 03 days / 02 nights program is an affordable and worth way to reach Machu Picchu.
  • Well-conditioned and equipped vehicles with comfortable semi reclining seats, first aid kid and official oxygen bottle.
  • We seriously aim about our tourist safety: Professional drivers trained on quality and customer service, well certified, qualified and strictly controlled by the local government.
  • We don’t have crazy drivers on road with hearth stopped or hair-raising tourist inside, 99% of the other travel companies fail on that.
  • Avoiding the transnational train ticket service you are not only saving minimally USD 130-150 per person, you are directly supporting the local economy, families, drivers, small-mini shops and local communities along the route, etc.
  • Pay less and get same breathtaking experience in Machupicchu!



Driving Distance: 250Km / 155 Miles – 5Hrs approx.

Starting Elevation: Cusco 3,400 meter ASL / 11, 155 feet ASL

Highest Elevation: 4,200 meter ASL / 13,780 feet ASL

Lowest Elevation: 1,200 meters ASL / 3,937 feet ASL

Hydro Electric: 1,800 meters ASL / 5,906 feet ASL

Aguas Calientes: 2,000 meters ASL / 6,562 feet ASL

Hiking Difficulty: Moderate–11km / 6, 82 miles / Flat, beside the rail way / 2.5 Hrs. approx.

Meals: Lunch & Dinner

Accommodation: Comfortable Basic Hostel

Adventure: Absolutely!!! You will be in the middle of the Peruvian high jungle forest.

We start the day by picking you up from your hostel – Hotel at approx 6:40 – 7:00am We will drive for around 5.1/2 hours, crossing Chinchero, Urubamba, Ollantaytambo, Santa Maria, Santa Teresa and ending up at Hydroelectric Power Station Through the windows of the minivan you can clearly see the white, snowcapped mountains trough out the Sacred Valley of the Inkas, the low vegetation extensive hills, red clay hills and authentic villages and communities of Quechua region. We will continue by spectacular scenery of high peaks and low valleys in a colorful and contrasting panorama filling every direction you turn your eyes! After the first one and half hour of driving, we will stop quickly in Ollantaytambo to take advantage of the toilet facilities, any shop, and an optional, short breakfast. We will then continue to the path towards the top of the mountains. After leaving the valley of Ollantaytambo to get a peak of snowy landscapes with almost no vegetation and fog around. On the way the Abra Malaga at 4320 m above sea level will be passed by, this area is often covered in a thick clouds, snow or rain.

Right after passing Abra Malaga we start with a winding road downhill driving to Santa Maria and later to Santa Teresa to finally reach Hydroelectric power station around 13:00Hrs approx. where you will get your lunch for about 01 hour.

Hydroelctric – Aguas Calientes was the same trail used by the North American professor Hiram Bingham who rediscovered Machu Picchu after centuries of it being lost to the outside world!

from this place we start a hike of 2 and ½ hours – 11km mostly flat walk beside the rail way and beside the beautiful Vilcanota river to arrive in Aguas Calientes, the town next to Machupicchu, from Hydroelectric also you have the option to take a train to arrive in Aguas Calientes in 25 minutes, this train has an extra cost of US$ 33.00 each way (98% of people go walking); You will spend the night there and you will have the rest of the day to chill out in the town or in the hot springs (not included) before visiting the Inca wonder.

Aguas Calientes town exist because of Machupicchu, a small village with no taxis, moto taxis or colectivos around, people move all around by foot, except the bus service that goes to Machupicchu which is from one point to another and that’s all.

The town counts with all facilities that may need a tourist: Restaurants, internet café, massage centers, public phones, cash machines, money exchange offices, etc,etc.

Once you arrive from Hydroelectric; go straight up to your hostel in Aguas Calientes, which will be easy to locate since you have your voucher hostel, name and hostel map on your hand already from Cusco.

Later 19:00 – 19:30Hrs in the same hostel reception area our professional tour guide will meet you to have a briefing about the next day where you get last details about your Machupicchu visiting.

Same tour guide after your briefing will show you the restaurant where you will have your dinner which is included in the program, afterwards have a good night in Aguas Calientes.


Starting time: 4:00am approx. / same for hike and bus option

Meals: Breakfast only (box breakfast for before crossing Machupicchu control point)

Hiking Distance: 5Km/ 3 miles with Shortcuts / 1hour & 30mts approx.

Bus Distance: 9km / 5.6 miles – 25 minutes zic zac (optional – not included)

Machupicchu: 02 hours touring with the guide and 03 hours exploring – hiking by your own.

Leave Machupicchu: 12:00 noon latest – 03 Hours back to Hydro Electric.

Activity Difficulty: 1.Hiking: moderate high / 2.Touring: easy / 3.Exploring: moderate high / 4.Hiking back to Hydro Electric: challenging.

Bus departure from Hydro E: 15:30Hrs (Stay 20 minutes in advance)

Arrival to Cusco: 21:30 – 22:00Hrs (Ends: City Center, near the main square)

After a restful night at your hostel in Aguas Calientes, very early in the morning we will start our day to the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu.

Hiking up to Machupicchu takes 1.30 hours at a regular pace. Start walking at 4:00 am in the morning from Aguas Calientes to the first checkpoint located right at the base of Machu Picchu which opens at 5:00. This control point is only for hikers where tourist must show entrance fees to the citadel and original passports, right after you start with the upstairs to Machu Picchu which takes 45-minutes approx., making almost 1,700 Inca steps. The purpose of this plan to Machu Picchu is to beat the buses to be one of the first groups into Machupicchu. Once at the main checkpoint, once everybody is up, it’s time for the guided Machu Picchu tour with our professional guide.

The tour through the temples, houses, agricultural terraces, patios and every corner of Machu Picchu will leave you speechless. Don’t be afraid ask questions to your guide, feel free, our team is here for you to complete your journey! After the guided tour you will have your own free time to keep exploring the place, take more amazing pictures or just enjoy the mystic and calmness of Machu Picchu.

FOUR OPTIONAL ACTIVITIES: Right after finishing your guided tour, lace up your shoes and compliment your exploration of the UNESCO Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu with a hiking adventure. There are four trails to choose among, each option ranging in difficulty and gift new perspectives of the tropical region surrounding the archaeological site.

The easiest amazing INCA BRIDGE situated on the left-south of the park – constructed of a few narrow logs perched above a sheer vertical drop – is believed to have served as a secret entrance to Machu Picchu.

The entire trail is built into a cliffs on the western approach to Machupicchu, snaking impressively along the side of a sheer mountainside. Most of the narrow path is in a state of disrepair and is not accessible. But the last part, which leads into Machupicchu, has been restored, along with the so-called Inka Bridge a 20-foot gap in the trail spanned by four or five planks of wood. It takes 40-45 minutes roundtrip.

THE SUN GATE main entrance from the inca trail, it takes 2.5 hours round trip.

Beginning near the Caretaker’s Hut (or Guardhouse), wooden signs for “Inti Punku” point you in the direction of the hike’s cobbled trail with a few sections of stairs that inclines gradually up the mountain away from the main citadel. It takes most people walking at a steady pace between 40 to 60 minutes to reach the top, figuring in time to rest and take photos. The surrounding mountains and beautiful valleys should be all the encouragement you need to reach the summit.

Once upon a time, imperial guards of the Inca Empire likely controlled passage into Machu Picchu at the Sun Gate (Inti Punku).

Hiking up to the Sun Gate or the Inca Bridge are FREE & more relaxed options.  Since you don’t need a special entry ticket to do either hike – just your general Machu Picchu admission – these options allow you the flexibility to decide at the moment if you want to do them or not right after your guided group tour.

HUAYNA PICCHU is the dome-shaped peak that forms the iconic background seen ubiquitously in Machu Picchu photographs, and the Inca footpath winding up to its summit is the most sought after hike within the citadel. It takes 02 hours roundtrip approx.

MONTAÑA MACHUPICCHU When it comes to hiking options within the famous Inca archaeological site, Machu Picchu Mountain typically plays second fiddle to Huayna Picchu, but this towering peak offers perks that should not be overlooked.

“At the top of Machu Picchu Mountain you look down on Huayna Picchu and when it’s clear you can even see snow-capped mountains in the distance,” some expert guides said “There’s a much better panoramic view at the top of Machu Picchu Mountain and it takes just a little difference in time.” It takes 02 hours and 1/2 approx. roundtrip.

Tickets for Huayna Picchu and Machu Picchu Mountain are limited and demand is high, especially during peak season from April to October when it’s less likely to rain. Advanced planning is a must during these months to reserve your spot for one of these hikes. Tickets for both Huayna Picchu and Machu Picchu Mountain can sell out up to 3 months in advance.



  • PRE-DEPARTURE BRIEFING: You will meet our representative and group in our office for an orientation before your program. At this time, you will get from us everything concerning to Machupicchu, as your entrance fees, hostel vouchers, etc. The meeting will be at 18:00Hrs the evening before the trip begins.
  • GROUP SIZE: Max. 20 people for the guided tour in Machupicchu
  • TRANSPORT: A private roundtrip tourist transport to and from hydroelectric power station with well-conditioned and equipped vehicles with comfortable semi reclining seats; you will be picked up from your hostel in the morning and will travel to hydroelectric where you start your trekking to Aguas Calientes town.
  • ACCOMODATION: A comfortable basic 01 night accommodation hostel in Aguas Calientes – private bath and hot shower.
  • MEALS: 01 lunch – Sta teresa Day 01 / 01 dinner – Aguas Calientes Day 01/ 01 breakfast – Aguas Calientes Day 02.
  • ADMISION TICKET: Entrance fee to Machu Picchu between 6:00am to 12:00 noon – Only Machupicchu – First Group.
  • EXPERIENCED GUIDE IN MACHUPICCHU: English speaking, professionally educated, and official tour guide. From the guide you will get a deep introduction about the culture and surrounding along the tour visit in Machupicchu; at the same time keep you informed, safe, sound, and comfortable on your program, so you can enjoy your time worry-free!!!
  • MEDICAL KIT: Our vehicle has a first-aid kit, including an emergency official oxygen bottle.
  • MINI VAN SIZE: All our modern vehicles Mercedes Benz comes with 20 seats + 1
  • OUR DRIVERS: Professional drivers trained on quality and customer service, well certified, qualified and strictly controlled by the local government. We seriously aim about our tourist safety.
  • ASSISTANCE: We have telephone service available 24 hours/day for ease communication and preparation with our agency leading up to your program.

NOTE: if you want to stay an extra night in Aguas Calientes you must add US$12 more and let us know to pick you up on 3rd day at 15:30Hrs from Hydroelectric.
Aguas Calientes to Hydroelectric 02 and half hours walk.


  • MEALS: Breakfast on day 01 / Lunch & dinner on Day 02
  • TRANSPORT: Bus Up and Down from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu (US$12 each way) instead of walking from aguas calientes to machupicchu, optional, not necessary.
  • FEES: Entrance fee to the hot spring in Aguas Calientes ( S/ 10.00 ) open till 20:00Hrs.
  • EXTRA ACTIVITIES: Huaynapicchu USD 20.00 or Machupicchu Mountain USD20.00. If you want to do either of those mountains, you’ll need to go in a three days program preferably – if you are in a good regular shape, no problem two days will be okay.
  • TRAIN: Local train From Hydroelectric – Aguas Calientes – Hydroelectric – USD 33.00 each way – 45 minutes journey – 11km. Basically in case you would like to take this service from Aguas Calientes to Hydroelectric on day second, you must be at the train station at 13:00Hrs in Aguas Calientes – Optional, not necessary.
  • ADDITIONAL costs or delays caused by management out of control like landslides,  bad weather condition,  in case of itinerary modification with a view to safety concern, illness,  change of government policy, political instability raises strikes, etc.

NOTE: Optional (Train Back to Ollantaytambo instead of Taking the Van 05 hours back to Cusco)

If you decide this option you have to add US$ 70 each and you can take the Tourist Backpacker Train and Bus back to Cusco from Ollantaytambo (Please let us know at the same time of booking to organize the train back tickets.


Special entry ticket required:

To do Montaña Machupicchu or Huaynapicchu we must obtain a general entry + Huaynapicchu or Montaña Machupicchu ticket for Machupicchu main citadel really in advance. At the time of purchase, we select between two time slots during which you are permitted to begin the hike, of course, all this according to the time and space availability.

Okay, now – After been in a 02 hours morning guided tour + 03-04 hours  exploring by your own this amazing place, make sure you are leaving Machupicchu as latest at noon – 12:00 in order to be at Hydroelectric power station at 3:00pm.

The return to Cusco will start at Machupicchu main control point, walking down to Puente Ruinas and from there, walk back to Hydroelectric following the train rail way as same as you did the first day to Aguas calientes Town. Our bus departure from Hydroelectric to Cusco will be at 3:30pm – arriving to the city around 9:00 – 10:00pm approx.


No one wants breakfast before 4:00am, before leaving the hostel at reception area you’ll get your box breakfast where you decide either eating before passing the main check point or after guiding time and start exploring Machupicchu by your own.

BUS UP OPTION: (Not necessary) If you would like to go up to Machupicchu by bus you must buy a bus ticket in Aguas Calientes a night before. Early in the morning around 4:30 am we go to the bus stations to line up to catch one of the first buses to the Sanctuary. The buses start leaving at 5:30 am from Aguas Calientes to Machupicchu, 25 minutes bus ride to the main entrance. Then we go into Machupicchu together with the rest of the group after 6:00am. (USD 12.00 one way – USD 24.00 round trip – not included)


If you are not in shape, but, really would like to do the extra hiking options in Machu Picchu like climbing either Machu Picchu montaña or Huayna Picchu mountain, etc. is better to spend an extra night in Aguas Calientes and return to Cusco on the third day, so you do your Machupicchu main citadel + your extra activities slowly on your own path without rush. In case that’s your situation…see more options at inclusions section.


AVAILABILITY: Open from 1st March to January 15th   – of each year.

CLOSED: As a responsible tour operator from 16TH JANUARY to 28 FEBRUARY – of each year we don’t operate this route due to strong rainy days= DANGEROUS – Road in maintenance.





STUDENTS: If you are a student, you need to send us a copy/picture of both side of your student card in order to verify and get 20 dollars discount, students card must be an original ID given from the university in PVC material and it must have the next requirements: university information, personal student information, student picture, and expiration date valid only for one year, the year must coincide with the date you’ll be visiting Machu Picchu, the discount is until 25 years old. If you are older than 25 even you hold a valid student card, according to the peruvian government rule you don’t apply to it any more.

HOW ABOUT THE FAMOUS ISIC CARD? – The ISIC international student card is no longer valid to buy the Machu Picchu entrance with a student discount. Currently, the current university card is the only valid document for this benefit.

One of the government rules says as well: All people under 17 years old they automatically pass as students, only sending us their passport copy, that’s the only way to prove with them you are under 17, in fact, they will verify and make sure you will be still with 17 THE DATES you will be visiting Machu Picchu, other ways you either don’t qualify for it.

You turn 18 years old, but you don’t have a student card or a valid student card; definitely and unfortunately you will pass as an ADULT.


The CAN is made up of Peruvian, Colombian, Ecuadorian and Bolivian citizens and any other

foreign residing in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador or Bolivia and can access the discount to Machupicchu by making a reservation with their IMMIGRATION CARD from the mentioned countries.




  • Your original passport is a must at Machupicchu control point. Not a copy – It’s not valid.
  • Mosquito repellent, sunscreen
  • hat and long sleeve shirts
  • Swimsuit, Shorts, towel, and sandals, if you want to visit the thermal baths
  • flashlight, for if you choose to walk up to Machu Picchu, a poncho for rain
  • Water bottle and snacks

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